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Multiple Virtual Storage

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  • Multiple Virtual Storage — Pour les articles homonymes, voir MVS. Multiple Virtual Storage (MVS) est le système d exploitation des gros ordinateurs (« mainframes ») d IBM. MVS a été lancé en 1974 par IBM. Le but était de fournir un système très fiable pour… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Multiple Virtual Storage — MVS per Emulator Hercules MVS (Multiple Virtual Storage) war das gebräuchlichste Betriebssystem auf den IBM Großrechnern System/370 (S/370) und System/390 (S/390). Inhaltsverzeichnis …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Multiple Virtual Storage —    Abbreviated MVS. IBM s standard operating system for large mainframe computers.    See also virtual machine …   Dictionary of networking

  • Virtual storage access method — (VSAM) is an IBM disk file storage access method, first used in the OS/VS2 operating system, later used throughout the Multiple Virtual Storage (MVS) architecture and now in z/OS. Originally a record oriented filesystem, VSAM comprises four data… …   Wikipedia

  • Storage virtualization — refers to the process of abstracting logical storage from physical storage. The term is today used to describe this abstraction at any layer in the storage software and hardware stack.Key conceptsAddress space remappingVirtualization of storage… …   Wikipedia

  • Virtual memory/rewrite — Virtual memory is a computer system technique that gives an application program the impression it has contiguous working memory, while in fact it is physically fragmented and may even overflow on to disk storage. Systems which use this technique… …   Wikipedia

  • Virtual memory — This article is about the computational technique. For the TBN game show, see Virtual Memory (game show). Virtual memory combines active RAM and inactive memory in disk form into a large range of contiguous addresses. In computing, virtual memory …   Wikipedia

  • virtual memory —    or virtual storage    A technique that simulates the availability of additional workstation memory in order to let users run multiple programs concurrently …   IT glossary of terms, acronyms and abbreviations

  • Multiple Single-Level — or Multi Security Level (MSL) is a method of separating different levels of data by using separate PCs or virtual machines for each level. It aims to give some of the benefits of Multilevel security without needing special changes to the OS or… …   Wikipedia

  • Virtual lab automation — is refers to a category of software solutions to automate IT labs using virtualization technology. Virtual Lab Automation (VLA) solutions are available as on premise packaged software or as a cloud service.HistoryAkimbi pioneered the Virtual Lab… …   Wikipedia

  • Virtual DOS machine — (VDM) is Microsoft s technology that allows running legacy DOS and 16 bit Windows programs on Intel 80386 or higher computers when there is already another operating system running and controlling the hardware. Contents 1 Overview 2 NTVDM 3… …   Wikipedia

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