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bedeckter karst

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  • bedeckter karst —    See covered karst …   Lexicon of Cave and Karst Terminology

  • subsoil karst —    Karst covered by soil, usually residual soil [17].    Synonyms: (British.) soddy karst; (French.) karst vert, karst subcutané; (German.) bedeckter Karst, bodenbedeckter Karst, grükarst, subkutan karst; (Greek.) ypethaphikon karst; (Russian.)… …   Lexicon of Cave and Karst Terminology

  • buried karst —    Karst topography entirely buried by relatively younger post rock or sediments and not part of the contemporary landscape [17].    Synonyms: fossil karst; (French.) karst couvert, karst fossile, paleokarst; ( German.) bedeckter Karst, Urkarst;… …   Lexicon of Cave and Karst Terminology

  • covered karst —    1. A fossil or currently developing karst in karst limestone which underlies superficial deposits or other rock, and which may produce landforms at the surface which reflect subsurface karstification [19]; contrasted with naked karst, which is …   Lexicon of Cave and Karst Terminology

  • Habichtspilz — (Sarcodon imbricatus) Systematik Klasse: Ständerpilze (Basidiomycetes) Unterklasse …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Sarcodon imbricatus — Habichtspilz Sarcodon imbricatus Systematik Klasse: Ständerpilze (Basidiomycetes) …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Bosnien und Herzegowina — Bosnien Herzegowina * * * Bọs|ni|en Her|ze|go|wi|na [auch … vi:na]; s, Bọs|ni|en und Her|ze|go|wi|na [auch … vi:na]; s: Staat in Südosteuropa. * * * Bọsni|en und Herzegowina,     Kurzinformation:   Fläche: 51 129 km2   Einwohner: (2000) 3,84… …   Universal-Lexikon

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