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bracelet d identification

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  • identification — [n] labeling; means of labeling apperception, assimilation, badge, bracelet, cataloging, classifying, credentials, description, dog tag, establishment, ID*, identity bracelet, letter of introduction, letter of recommendation, naming, papers,… …   New thesaurus

  • Bracelet — exemple de bracelet Bracelet porté par une femme …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Bracelet — patient identification tags. OriginAlthough the term armlet may be technically similar, it is taken to mean an item that sits on the upper arm: an arm ring. The origin of the term bracelet is from the Latin brachile meaning of the arm , via the… …   Wikipedia

  • identification bracelet — noun : a bracelet with a narrow plaque for the owner s name * * * a bracelet, usually of metal links, having an identification plate for the name of the wearer. Also called ID bracelet. [1965 70] …   Useful english dictionary

  • identification bracelet — a bracelet, usually of metal links, having an identification plate for the name of the wearer. Also called ID bracelet. [1965 70] * * * …   Universalium

  • identification — noun 1 act of identifying sb/sth ADJECTIVE ▪ accurate, correct, precise ▪ positive ▪ mistaken ▪ There is virtually no risk of mistaken identification in cases of date rape …   Collocations dictionary

  • bracelet — noun Bracelet is used after these nouns: ↑ankle, ↑bead, ↑gold, ↑identification, ↑identity …   Collocations dictionary

  • identification — n 1. recognition, detection, discernment, perception, discrimination; learning, finding, sighting; pointing out, naming, selection, Inf. fingering; differentiation, distinguishing, specification, characterization; designation, denomination,… …   A Note on the Style of the synonym finder

  • slave bracelet — noun : a chain link bracelet often having a plain plaque or nameplate and often worn around the ankle compare identification bracelet * * * a braceletlike, ornamental circlet or chain worn around the ankle. * * * slave bracelet, an identification …   Useful english dictionary

  • Charm bracelet — For the Mariah Carey album, see Charmbracelet. A charm bracelet is an item of jewelry worn around the wrist. It carries personal charms : decorative pendants or trinkets which signify important things in the wearer s life. Contents 1 History 2… …   Wikipedia

  • Medical identification tag — A medical identification tag is a small emblem or tag worn on a bracelet, neck chain, or on the clothing bearing a message that the wearer has an important medical condition that might require immediate attention. The intention is to alert a… …   Wikipedia

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