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  • Weerman degradation — The Weerman degradation is an organic reaction in carbohydrate chemistry in which an aldonamide (derived from an aldonic acid) is degraded by sodium hypochlorite forming a new sugar with one less carbon. The reaction is named after R.A. Weerman… …   Wikipedia

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  • Hofmann rearrangement — The Hofmann rearrangement is the organic reaction of a primary amide to a primary amine with one fewer carbon atom. [Hofmann, A. W. v. Ber. 1881, 14 , 2725.] [Wallis, E. S.; Lane, J. F. Org. React. 1949, 3 , 267 306. (Review)] [Shioiri, T. Comp.… …   Wikipedia

  • Ad Neeleman — Adriaan Dirk Neeleman (born Nov 7 1964, Rotterdam) is a Dutch linguist based in the UK. He is Professor of Linguistics at University College London.He completed his PhD at the University of Utrecht in 1994. Since then, he has written extensively… …   Wikipedia

  • Deflexion (linguistics) — Deflexion is a linguistic process related to inflectional languages. All members of the Indo European language family belong to these kinds of languages and are subject to some degree of deflexional change. The process is typified by the… …   Wikipedia

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  • Ad Neeleman — Adriaan Dirk Neeleman (nacido el 7 de noviembre de 1964 en Rotterdam) es un lingüista neerlandés cuya lengua materna es el alemán, pero residente en Gran Bretaña, donde ostenta la cátedra de lingüística inglesa del University College London. Se… …   Wikipedia Español

  • Anexo:Reacciones orgánicas — A continuación se presentan las reacciones orgánicas, reactivos, métodos de síntesis y pruebas de ensayo más comunes en Química Orgánica.[1] [2] [3] Contenido …   Wikipedia Español

  • Markus Rühmkorf —  Markus Rühmkorf Spielerinformationen Geburtstag 1. Dezember 1989 Geburtsort Wien, Österreich Größe 184 cm Position Mittelfeld …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Réarrangement d'Hofmann — Le réarrangement d Hofmann est une réaction organique qui transforme un amide primaire non substitué en amine primaire avec une chaine carbonnée plus corte d un atome[1],[2],[3] …   Wikipédia en Français

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