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lifelong learning

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  • Lifelong learning — is the concept that It s never too soon or too late for learning , a philosophy that has taken root in a whole host of different organisations. Lifelong learning is attitudinal; that one can and should be open to new ideas, decisions, skills or… …   Wikipedia

  • lifelong learning — UK US noun [U] HR ► the process of gaining knowledge and skills throughout your life, often to help you do your job properly: »The company encourages lifelong learning …   Financial and business terms

  • lifelong learning — UK US noun [uncountable] a process of gaining knowledge and skills that continues throughout a person’s life Thesaurus: relating to learning and the process of learninghyponym knowing and knowing about somethingsynonym …   Useful english dictionary

  • lifelong learning — Gen Mgt the continual acquisitionofknowledgeandskillsthroughout somebody’s life. Lifelong learning occurs in preparation for, and in response to, the different roles, situations, and environments that somebodywillencounterinthecourseofalifetime.… …   The ultimate business dictionary

  • lifelong learning — mokymasis visą gyvenimą statusas T sritis Švietimas ir mokslas apibrėžtis Ugdymo principas, kuriuo grindžiamas švietimas, sudarantis sąlygas visais asmens amžiaus tarpsniais mokytis, tobulinti žinias, kompetenciją ir gebėjimus asmeninėje,… …   Aiškinamasis kvalifikacijų sistemos terminų žodynas

  • lifelong learning — mokymasis visą gyvenimą statusas T sritis švietimas apibrėžtis XX a. antrosios pusės pedagoginės politikos idėja, reikalaujanti sudaryti sąlygas visą gyvenimą mokytis dėl greitai kintančių mokslo, technikos laimėjimų. 2000 m. Europos Komisija… …   Enciklopedinis edukologijos žodynas

  • Lifelong learning — Lebenslanges Lernen ist ein Konzept, Menschen zu befähigen, eigenständig über ihre Lebensspanne hinweg zu lernen. Lebenslanges Lernen setzt auf die Informationskompetenz des Einzelnen und hat deshalb Aufnahme in viele bildungspolitische Programme …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • lifelong learning — UK / US noun [uncountable] a process of gaining knowledge and skills that continues throughout a person s life …   English dictionary

  • Lifelong Learning Networks — (LLNs) were a joint initiative in the UK between the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE), the Learning and Skills Council (LSC) and the former Department for Education and Skills (DfES). They were created as a result of… …   Wikipedia

  • Lifelong Learning Programme 2007–2013 — The Lifelong Learning Programme 2007–2013 (previously referred to as the Integrated action programme in the field of lifelong learning or the Integrated programme ) is the European Union programme for education and training. It has succeeded the… …   Wikipedia

  • Lifelong Learning Plan — A provision applicable to the Canadian Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP). The plan allows RRSP contributors a non taxable temporary withdrawal of up to $20,000 from their accounts in order to finance their education or that of their… …   Investment dictionary

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