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  • sandwiched — [[t]sæ̱nwɪʤd, wɪtʃt[/t]] ADJ: v link ADJ between pl n If something is sandwiched between two other things, it is in a narrow space between them. → See also sandwich The original kitchen was sandwiched between the breakfast room and the toilet …   English dictionary

  • Sandwiched — Sandwich Sand wich, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Sandwiched}; p. pr. & vb. n. {Sandwiching}.] To make into a sandwich; also, figuratively, to insert between portions of something dissimilar; to form of alternate parts or things, or alternating layers of… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • sandwiched — sand·wich || sændwɪtʃ / sænwɪdÊ’ n. dish made by placing food between two slices of bread v. make a sandwich; place between two things …   English contemporary dictionary

  • sandwich between — phrasal verb [transitive, always passive] Word forms sandwich between : present tense I/you/we/they sandwich between he/she/it sandwiches between present participle sandwiching between past tense sandwiched between past participle sandwiched… …   English dictionary

  • Ice cream sandwich — For the 4.0 release of the Android operating system, see List of Android operating system versions#4.x Ice Cream Sandwich. An ice cream sandwich. An ice cream sandwich is a frozen confection composed of a layer of ice cream, usually… …   Wikipedia

  • Soddy's hexlet — [ ellipse.] In geometry, Soddy s hexlet is a chain of six spheres (shown in grey in Figure 1), each of which is tangent to both of its neighbors and also to three mutually tangent given spheres. In Figure 1, these three spheres are shown as an… …   Wikipedia

  • British Rail Class 43 (HST) — Infobox Locomotive name = British Rail Class 43 powertype = Diesel electric caption = 43058 at Leicester railway station in May 2008 roadnumber = 43002–43198 totalproduction = 197 builder = BREL Crewe Works builddate = 1975–1982 primemover =… …   Wikipedia

  • Mechanical filter — Figure 1. A mechanical filter made by the Kokusai Electric Company intended for selecting the narrow 2 kHz bandwidth signals in SSB radio receivers. It operates at 455 kHz, a common IF for these receivers, and is dimensioned 45×15×15 mm ( …   Wikipedia

  • sandwich — sand|wich1 [ sændwıtʃ ] noun count ** a light meal that you make by putting a layer of food such as meat, cheese, or egg between two pieces of bread: a ham/tuna/cheese sandwich I usually just have a sandwich for lunch. sandwich sand|wich 2 [… …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • Snowboard — A snowboard is a thin, hourglass shaped board ridden down a sloped section of earth covered in snow. It is often thought of as the winter equivalent of a wakeboard, as the rider s feet are bound to the board via bindings. Snowboards generally… …   Wikipedia

  • Tuscaloosa Public Library — The Tuscaloosa Public Library is a city/county agency located in the city of Tuscaloosa, serving a population of over 171,000 in Tuscaloosa County in the state of Alabama, USA. The Library has 46,857 registered patrons that use the library on a… …   Wikipedia

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