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to merge

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  • Merge sort — Example of merge sort sorting a list of random dots. Class Sorting algorithm Data structure Array Worst case performance O(n log n) …   Wikipedia

  • merge — MÉRGE, merg, vb. III. intranz. I. 1. A se mişca deplasându se dintr un loc în altul; a se deplasa, a umbla. ♦ (Despre nave sau alte obiecte plutitoare) A pluti. ♦ (Despre păsări, avioane etc.) A zbura. ♦ (fam.; despre mâncăruri şi băuturi) A… …   Dicționar Român

  • Merge Records — Founded 1989 Founder Laura Ballance Mac McCaughan Distributor(s) …   Wikipedia

  • Merge algorithm — Merge algorithms are a family of algorithms that run sequentially over multiple sorted lists, typically producing more sorted lists as output. This is well suited for machines with tape drives. Use has declined due to large random access memories …   Wikipedia

  • Merge (software) — Merge is a software system which allows a user to run DOS/Windows 3.1 on SCO UNIX, in an 8086 virtual machine. Merge was originally developed to run DOS under UNIX System V Release 2 on an AT T 6300+ ( sixty three hundred plus ) personal computer …   Wikipedia

  • Merge (linguistics) — Merge (usually capitalized) is one of the basic operations in the Minimalist Program, a leading approach to generative syntax, when two syntactic objects are combined to form a new syntactic unit (a set). Merge also has the property of recursion… …   Wikipedia

  • merge — [mɜːdʒ ǁ mɜːrdʒ] verb [intransitive, transitive] 1. if two or more companies, organizations etc merge, or if they are merged, they join together: • The companies will merge their cellular phone operations, forming one of the nation s largest… …   Financial and business terms

  • merge — [ mɜrdʒ ] verb ** 1. ) intransitive or transitive if two organizations merge, or you merge them, they combine to form one bigger organization: Two of Indonesia s top banks are planning to merge. merge something with something: He has plans to… …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • merge — [mə:dʒ US mə:rdʒ] v [Date: 1600 1700; : Latin; Origin: mergere to dive ] 1.) [I and T] to combine, or to join things together to form one thing merge with ▪ The bank announced that it was to merge with another of the high street banks. ▪ The… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • Merge in Takapuna (proposed building) — Merge in Takapuna is a mixed use development / residential skyscraper proposed for Takapuna, North Shore City, New Zealand.[1] At about 100 m, it will be the second tallest building in Takapuna, next to the Sentinel tower already built directly… …   Wikipedia

  • merge — / mərj/ vb merged, merg·ing vt 1: to cause to unite, combine, or coalesce merge one corporation with another 2: to cause to be incorporated and superseded one effect of a judgment is to merge therein the cause of action on which the action is… …   Law dictionary

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