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to take something out of something

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  • Take Me Out to the Ball Game — is an early 20th century Tin Pan Alley song which became the unofficial anthem of baseball although neither of its authors had attended a game prior to writing the song.cite web | url=… …   Wikipedia

  • take (something) out on (someone) — to express negative feelings by behaving badly toward someone who is not responsible. I know you re angry at your boss, but don t take it out on the kids …   New idioms dictionary

  • take something out on — ► take something out on relieve frustration or anger by mistreating. Main Entry: ↑take …   English terms dictionary

  • take something out on somebody — ˌtake it/sth ˈout on sb derived to behave in an unpleasant way towards sb because you feel angry, disappointed, etc, although it is not their fault • OK, so you had a bad day. Don t take it out on me. • She tended to take her frustrations out on… …   Useful english dictionary

  • take something into account — take (something/someone) into account to think about something or someone when you are making a decision or a judgement. I hope they ll take her age into account when they re judging her work. They took into account that he d never been in… …   New idioms dictionary

  • take something out against somebody — ˌtake sthˈout (against sb) derived to start legal action against sb by means of an official document • The police have taken out a summons against the driver of the car. Main entry: ↑takederived …   Useful english dictionary

  • Take Me Out (song) — Infobox Single Name = Take Me Out Artist = Franz Ferdinand from Album = Franz Ferdinand Released = January 12, 2004 Format = 7 vinyl, 12 vinyl, CD, DVD Recorded = 2003 Genre = Indie rock, Disco Punk [ [… …   Wikipedia

  • Take it Out in Trade — Infobox Film name = Take it Out in Trade caption = director = Edward D. Wood, Jr. producer = Edward Ashdown; Richard Gonzalez writer = Edward D. Wood, Jr. narrator = starring = Edward D. Wood, Jr. Duke Moore Nona Carver Michael Donovan O Donnell… …   Wikipedia

  • take it out on someone or something — tv. o punish or harm someone or something because one is angry or disturbed about something. □ I’m sorry about your difficulty, but don’t take it out on me. □ Don’t take it out on the cat …   Dictionary of American slang and colloquial expressions

  • take something away — Brit. another way of saying take something out (sense 2) * * * ˌtake sthaˈway derived 1. to make a feeling, pain, etc. disappear • I was given some pills to take away the pain. 2. (BrE) ( …   Useful english dictionary

  • take something out of context — take/quote/something out of context phrase to use only part of something that someone said, so that the original meaning is changed What I said has been taken completely out of context by the media. Thesaurus: to say something again, or to repeat …   Useful english dictionary

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