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vertical stroke

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  • Che with vertical stroke — Cyrillic letter Che with vertical stroke Unicode (hex) majuscule: U+04B8 …   Wikipedia

  • Ka with vertical stroke — Cyrillic alphabet navbox Heading= Cyrillic letter Ka with vertical stroke uuc=049C|ulc=049DKa with vertical stroke (majuscule:unicode|Ҝ, minuscule:unicode|ҝ) is a letter of the Cyrillic alphabet used in Azeri. Its Latin equivalent is G g . See… …   Wikipedia

  • Stroke order — (zh stp|s=笔顺|t=筆順|p=bǐshùn; ja. 筆順 hitsujun or ja. 書き順 kaki jun ; ko. 필순 筆順 pilsun or ko. 획순 畫順 hoeksun ) refers to the correct order in which the strokes of a Chinese character are written. A stroke is a movement of a writing instrument. Chinese …   Wikipedia

  • Stroke ratio — In a reciprocating piston engine, the stroke ratio, defined by either bore/stroke ratio or stroke/bore ratio, is a term which is used to describe the ratio between the diameter of the cylinder bore and the length of the piston stroke within its… …   Wikipedia

  • stroke — {{Roman}}I.{{/Roman}} noun 1 of a brush, pen, etc. ADJECTIVE ▪ long, short ▪ broad (often figurative), thick ▪ I will outline in broad strokes our main ideas. ▪ …   Collocations dictionary

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  • vertical — adj. Vertical is used with these nouns: ↑arrow, ↑axis, ↑beam, ↑cliff, ↑dimension, ↑direction, ↑dive, ↑drop, ↑fold, ↑incision, ↑line, ↑perspective, ↑ …   Collocations dictionary

  • Horizontal and vertical writing in East Asian scripts — Many East Asian scripts can be written horizontally or vertically. The Chinese, Japanese and Korean scripts can be oriented in either direction, while the traditional Mongolian script and its offshoots (like Manchu) are written vertically.In… …   Wikipedia

  • Butterfly stroke — Overhead shot of a swimmer performing the butterfly stroke. The butterfly (colloquially among swimmers known as fly) is a swimming stroke swum on the breast, with both arms moving simultaneously. The butterfly kick was developed separately, and… …   Wikipedia

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